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Developing a Thought. Of Silence.


Four sets of words to be read slowly:

  • The Northeast, the Eastern Seaboard, the South, the Deep South, the West, the Midwest, the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest
  • White People, Black People, Caucasians, Asians, African Americans, Europeans
  • The Government, the Republic, the Public, the People, the Commonwealth, the Nation
  • History, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, the Hard Sciences, the Soft Sciences, Literature

A conclusion: words divide more than they unify, and what they lump together is not made whole.


As soon as a thought is expressed with or fit into words, it divides the entire world. To avoid division, one must remain silent. Silence keeps things whole—no, that’s not quite right, not things. Silence maintains wholeness but—


Silence maintains wholeness and nonexistence.


Thoughts in response?

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