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A meditation on concealment and disclosure

Deep pressures pushing blood drum,
And life’s deep power deeply sounds,—
Drowns out death’s humble hum.—
Heart, my heart, for but óne sáke póunds

Strength syncopàted throúgh my remolded mud,
Fòr God, whose precedented rhythms all play.—
Orderedly throùgh dead mass dances blood;—
Soft skin and purple sinew pray

God to keep hidden the únséen
Àrcane quickness coursing in animal veins.—
Should it break through the skin’s screen,—
Body red blood in sharp pains

Airs—despairs—and the liquid expression appalls
As life’s power translates to death’s sign.—
Now spilled blood to God calls,—
When disclosed, crìes óut in his design.


Thoughts in response?

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