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A Vignette. A Dialogue. Of Unwisdom.

1: Hey there!

2: Hey! How’ve you been?

1: I’m good. I’m good. Kids’re good. Kari’s good.—Beautiful day for a party like this.

2: Yeah. Oh, yeah, have a seat. “Dropping some eaves” out here.

1: ’Z’at right? You mean Jan and Ryan on the screened porch?

2: Yeah.

1: Ha. They always get into it.—Seems about infant baptism now.

2: Before they were arguing about, uh, immersion. And before that: wine at communion.

1: ’Z’at what seminary is these days?

2: Hope not.

1: Ha!

2: They just go on and on, bickering.

1: But you know they don’t mean no harm by it.

2: Yeah, they’re friends. But it’s so stressful for everyone else to listen to them. And you know they get frustrated with each other.

1: Yeah. And that frustration’s gotta blow up some time.

2: Hm. It even makes me feel frustrated.

1: ’Cause it’s so irritating?

2: Because it’s so petty! They’re arguing about petty shit that doesn’t matter.

1: I wouldn’t’ve said it like that, but you’re right. Maybe you should go stop ’em.

2: No, I don’t think I will. I should just stop listening.

1: But it might could do some good. Everybody respects you and knows you’ve got wisdom.

2: I know I could stop them, but it wouldn’t be in the right spirit. I’d go over there intending to stop them, and then get sucked right in. Where’s the wisdom in that?

1: Huh.—But that right there is wisdom.

2: What is?

1: Knowin’ the right spirit. Knowin’ not to go over.

2: Hm. That’s not wisdom, I think. If I’m wise I won’t be eavesdropping and letting myself get whipped up.

1: Okay, then. You got self-control.—More ‘an me.

2: I’m still getting angry about it.

1: But you ain’t doin’ nothing about that anger.

2: When you put it that way—that’s worse. If I’m wise, I don’t listen. But if I’m wise and hear it anyway, I should do something. I’m listening and not doing anything.

1: So what’s that make you?

2: Hm. I’d have to say that makes me unwise. Downright unwise.

1: Well, wiser ’an the seminarians, at least.


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