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The Loss of Private Experience

The Internet has inspired millions to share, now, countless bits of information about themselves. We send body shots. We indicate our sexual orientation. We text our moods. We film ourselves skydiving, or plunging into outer space. We share an article. We show off photos of some exotic seafood that we once ate or looked at.

We are heading toward that absurd horizon at which the new, the fresh, and the beautiful will be gone, lost in the haze of “shared experiences.” Or maybe these will not be gone; instead, these categories, being so fickle—like the twentysomething who demands to see the most interesting things—these categories will find new contents. Turned away from its traditional haunts, the Interesting can be found in the company of its greatest enemy. We already know this, for we have seen it go there before, and we will see it go there more and more. We are heading toward and have almost come upon that absurd horizon at which nothing remains to be interesting except what is horrifying.


Thoughts in response?

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