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A Poem. Of the End.

The sky will burn. The stars will dissolve. The Earth itself will shine, blotting out the brilliance of sun and moon. Mountains will melt like wax. The seas will disappear. Kingdoms will lose their borders. Cities will sink into the ground. Towers will crack, crumble, blow away on a bright wind. Highways will lead from nowhere to nowhere. Books will ignite with a flash, and the Internet will dissipate into the burning air. The elements of precious trinkets will boil, bounce, break, and cease. Beauty, turned to ash, will sprinkle the globe. All our striving will become a vapor on the wind. For truth will have set the world on fire to separate worth from emptiness.

And we in death will know the death of all earthly things, save one; the impermanence of all earthly things, save one; the vanity of all earthly things, save one. When God raises us through the fires of judgment, before us we will see exposed and glorious the only other thing that lives again, the only other thing that lasts, the only other thing of worth in all our lives. In the end, this singular eternal thing, this image of God—our neighbor—will meet us, eye-to-eye, peering through the diamond light.


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