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Four Maxims. Of Proselytizing.

  1. A culture in which proselytizing is taboo will surrender itself, as a matter of course, to political tyranny. A culture in which only certain sects are forbidden from proselytizing has surrendered to tyranny already. And a culture with no such taboos or interdictions—is unknown to human history.
  2. One who “keeps to himself” and “bothers no one” about his opinions might seem noncommittal and faithless. But we may be deceived. We must wait to see whether, and how vigorously, he will attempt to persuade others to stop their attempts to persuade him.
  3. Righteousness might resist a persuasive argument, but self-righteousness takes offense at the one arguing it.
  4. We sometimes assume that a man’s motives for proselytizing are shameful in order to avoid admitting that the strength of his conviction puts our own to shame.

Thoughts in response?

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