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A Pronouncement. Of Following Jesus Christ.

Following Jesus Christ is suffering; and to the utmost, dying.—And what if we did not take this as a metaphor!



2 thoughts on “A Pronouncement. Of Following Jesus Christ.

  1. I have. I have also seen some comments and reactions to it. One critic thought that such a message would promote “seeking suffering.” He dismissed the cartoon with a dispensationalist argument, as if the early church had been different in kind from the present church—and from the eternal church. But that dispensationalist, riddled with shifting lights and many shadows, misses that Jesus Christ on this earth was essentially one who suffered, and following him now is essentially (as said above) suffering. A Christian could only live without suffering if Jesus Christ were a sufferer incidentally, and if following him were only at a great, great distance—the distance of a metaphor, so to speak.

    If we do not say that a Christian seeks suffering, then we at least say that a Christian, following Jesus, does not avoid it.

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