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Two Clarifications. Of Christianity.

1. The whole Christian mind is comprehended in the thought of humiliation. All thoughts not defined and contained by it are anti-Christian, vaunting themselves against the Holy One, forsaking the appropriate fear and trembling before him—the fear and trembling that serves to steady us, through a kind of counterpoint, against the convulsions of this world’s dying kingdoms. If Mary had taken credit for the virgin birth in the way that so many “Christians” boast about the great ideas they have brought forth, would she not have been the most wretched among women!

2. Every step of the Christian walk is in repentance. Walking in repentance—which is a vast territory, not contained in any place, neither on this mountain nor on that—one will never leave the Way no matter where one’s steps fall. But advancing beyond repentance—which is also a narrow road that demands earnestness and attention in the midst of a wide world that is all flippancy and distraction—one’s way has become a new lawlessness, a path through nettle and prickers that, because of numbing presumptuousness, cannot be felt until they have drawn and drained every last drop of blood.


One thought on “Two Clarifications. Of Christianity.

  1. And after composing this I found a gem among La Rochefoucauld’s maxims (358):

    L’humilité est la véritable preuve des vertus chrétiennes: sans elle nous conservons tous nos défauts, et ils sont seulement couverts par l’orgueil qui les cache aux autres, et souvent à nous-mêmes.

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