No Rage

Of and for a student

No rage stirs up his muddy eyes, with clear
Tears standing still on those unblinking lids.
No rage reveals his secret fight with fear
That dazzles, blinds, confounds, and ever bids

His drunkard mind to find its strongest drink
In his and Sisyphus’s glorious
Defeat. Again he rises just to sink.
Repeat! And there is none victorious

To give him hope enough to rage again,
He thinks. Now no inspiring speech avails
Because he thinks he knows the pathogen
Is words, words, words. Repeat! It always fails.

He’s tired, he thinks, too proud and tired to fight—
No rage about the dying of the light.


2 thoughts on “No Rage

    • Almost every day. And in a few students it is even tragic in the literary sense of that word.

      This particular student is stuck in a pattern of constant retreat from help because of the perverse need to have his status as a victim acknowledged. There is a terrible swirl of pride, sadness, fatigue, disappointment, fear. At this point, his acceptance of victimization, his despair, is the great hamartia that traps him in the tragic existence. If only he would become angry and rage against his own sin, he might be able to turn from it!

Thoughts in response?

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