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A Prelude. Of Worry and Its Cure.

A man desires a degree of wealth so that he will have “nothing to worry about.” Say he gets it. Of course, he would not be free from worry. His momentary relief is overwhelmed by the worry of keeping the wealth that freed him from worry.

Whoever believes that wealth or any external condition might guard us against worry has forgotten that the very source of worrying is the human imagination. Our worry is composed of both things-that-are-not and things-that-are, of both possible and actual conditions, of both future and present needs. Worry is not in the world but rather in our consciousness of time and of possibility. The one who has “nothing to worry about” is the one whose future is settled and whose thoughts are not lost in an alternative present. Maybe a still soul in Sheol. This last thought reveals a correction to what was said before: death is the one external condition that might guard us against worry.

That is not to mention an internal condition to deliver us—that internal condition of the lilies of the field and of the birds of the air.


Thoughts in response?

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