A Prayer. Of Pleasures.

God my Lord, keep me from entertaining what pleases me when it comes at the expense of doing what pleases you. Let me not substitute for spiritual ecstasies my worldly fantasies. Amen.


Two Reflections on the Repetition of a Word. Of the Gospel or Good News.

  1. A good word that I spoke has been repeated to me, and it seems as if I had never said it, as if I have heard it now newly, freshly. This upbuilding word is the message of Christ’s blood covering our sins. And I am built up today. How humbling, too, to be made aware that this good word, even when I spoke it years ago, was not of me but for me! – There nothing in my best words that is mine; there is nothing about which I can boast, except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Good news that I spoke years ago has rebounded to me. But why am I amazed that this good news is still good and still new? My sluggish heart prays, “Dissipe le sommeil d’une âme languissante qui la conduit à l’oubli de tes lois!”

A Reflection. A Prayer. Of Bullies.

This fury I feel when I am bullied, it indicts me: we angry are, all of us, wishful bullies.

May my pride and strength be crushed, that I might learn to suffer as a righteous one and not to triumph through the bully’s wickedness. Cut out of me this bully fighting for his own life. Make me into the love that dies. And kill me, Lord, before I become my enemy. Amen.

A Prayer.

Father in heaven, keep the thought of you from admixture in this mess of my mind.

Your kingdom is present, and I confess that your will has always been done in me just as it is in you.

Give me all I need to continue to grow in your will. Forgive me my sins and shortcomings, as I in humility do, must do, for others.

Stop me from tipping the scales to favor the temporal over the eternal, and lead me safely past my encounter with the evil one who rages against you. Amen.

From My Journal. A Prayer. Of Vocation.

Found in an old journal. It is undated, but I suspect I wrote it sometime during my junior-year study of Genesis or my senior-year reading of Fear and Trembling.

Do not let me begin this trek without a calling. Even though I do not see my place and end on earth, I will walk to the west if you so much as hint that you do not want me in Ur. And if I should have walked east, lead me all around the earth to that one place where I might honor you.