Judgments That Are Not Sentences. Of Christendom.

  • Wearing a wedding dress to a battlefield—the summary of American Christendom.
  • A new world with the same sins following.
  • “New soil! Any need of that old Vine?”
  • Christendom: trying new hats, headless. The Church: never apart from Christ, not for a moment.
  • Being penetrated versus comprehending. Truth versus the lie. Revelation versus Gnosticism. Humility versus hubris. Victory versus vanity. Rest versus “rage, rage.”
  • All things for Christ or some things for Christendom. Absolute conflict.

Five Related Thoughts. Of Education.

  1. It is possible to educate someone poorly, even wrongly. Look twice whenever one is heard declaring that “education” is a solution to a problem. Somewhere along the way, a different education occasioned the problem.
  2. The point is that education is an empty term, a container that is too broad to be filled. One sucks too much air out of it before getting to the good stuff.
  3. Another point is that ignorance is not the great evil. Those who do not know label as ignorance what others do not know. Ignorance, here, does not cause the problem but merely, ignorantly, gives its own name to the problem.
  4. Will education free the soul? Not if that education shackles the soul with worry, or with despair, or with a hope of finding the ultimate good through the purchased secret knowledge of its whereabouts.
  5. Will education deliver a man from poverty? Not if that education values itself in a dollar amount or a guarantee of monetary return. Not if that education glorifies privilege and belittles all else. Not if a central tenet of that education is: “Covet thy neighbor’s house.”