Wishes. Of Experts.

The thought of a practitioner who must deal with “experts” who impose their “expertise” for a profit:

If only my struggle were against ivory tower intellectuals! But it is not. You have mastered neither ideas nor things!

If only I could accuse you of giving impracticable advice or of starting from false premises! But I cannot. Your theory and art are incomprehensible drivel, too unclear to admit of either falsehood or truth.

If only you were saying something against which I could weigh my experience! But you are not. Your speeches are full of saying nothing, and what you say in one moment you unsay in the next.

If only you had a thought that could not be purchased (I would find you the most valuable men and women in the world)! But you do not. You have only what you sell, untenderable and useless riches that I am forced to buy.